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The city of Weston, deserving of a 2012 Award of America’s Best Places to Live, never seizes to amaze City of Weston Florida, Official Sealanyone driving through it. And residents couldn’t be happier to live in such a family-oriented planned community. Its goal of embracing its residents was completely fulfilled. Successfully, too.

It sits on an area of approximately 27 square miles, in the far west corner of the County of Broward. Incorporated in 1996, Weston has a population of 65,672. It truly is one of South Florida’s most desirable places to live, not to mention being a desirable place for corporations and other businesses as well.

Quite an easy drive from anywhere in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. From the Fort Lauderdale area, you would be getting onto I-95, heading towards 595. Once on 595, heading west towards I-75 South. Once on I-75 South, the first exit is already entering Weston. You could also continue to head west on 595 after crossing I-75 from underneath. And, the first exits would also get you into Weston. Until a very short time ago, heading to Weston (on 595) after a long day at work would land you in an unbelievable amount of traffic from everyone heading west. Well, now you have an option. Inaugurated in 2014, now you have the option of getting onto the express lane on 595. It has no exits or entrances for quite a number of miles, making it a non-stop drive east to west, and vice versa, linking I-95 and I-75. This was one of the best accomplishments of the Broward County government. Quite a number of people, heading back to Weston from Miami, are now choosing to drive all the way north to 595 thanks to its Express Lanes. This happens because of one simple fact: The traffic anywhere else in the Miami-Dade County. Heading back to Weston after a day of work in Miami would land you in the Dolphin or Palmetto Expressways. The 2 worse highways in South Florida in terms of traffic. But you had no choice, really. You had to get to I-75 somehow, either from the north or from the south.

Weston, Florida - SunsetWeston is also connected to the Broward Transit system. Buses that run the entire city, making it possible to get anywhere in Broward, and further connect to any buses going to and from Miami-Dade county. Not too many people use these buses going through Weston, but it is there, equipped with air conditioning and bike racks.

Speaking of bike racks, the city of Weston has just about 46 miles of marked bike lanes for the enjoyment of every type of cyclist. Weston is very proud of this, too. There are websites just for cyclists in Weston. It is something enjoyed by many. And these bike lanes assist cyclists getting where they want to safely.

Weston truly has what any other city wish to accomplish. If you happen to be driving around, or looking for a place to live, we highly suggest paying a close attention to this city. It is a multi-cultured residential haven. And let’s not take away any attention to its commerce. It has it all, apart from night-clubs. It has top rated restaurants, and recently it inaugurated yet another shopping and dining complex, called the Weston Town Center. It is located just minutes from I-75 on the corner of Royal Palm Blvd and Bonaventure Blvd. Inside you’ll find upscale salons, boutiques, restaurants, sports bars among other services. And speaking of sports bar, it is in Weston that you will find an upscale sports bar called Carolina Ale House. Truly a wonderful place to drive to, with or without the family.

Weston, Florida - Suburban homeWeston takes a lot of pride in having the lowest crime rate (per capita) in all of Broward County, and one of the lowest in all of South Florida.

If you are looking for a place to live and work, this city includes Fortune 500 companies, owner operated retail businesses, restaurants, and the list goes on. It is in Weston that you will find the Cleveland Clinic of Florida, one of the best health care establishments in all of the United States. Other world-class healthcare hospitals and clinics include Broward Health Weston and the Miami Children’s Hospital Dan Marino Center.

DMV's in Weston, FL and Region:

Division of Driver's Licenses
8001 Pembroke Rd
Pembroke Pines, FL
(954) 497-1570

Drivers License Examining Station
21427 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL
(305) 229-6333

Auto Tag Agencies in Weston:

Mendez Auto Tag Agency
16660 Saddle Club Road
Weston, FL
(954) 745-8445

Driving Schools in Weston, FL:

Artis Driving School
2300 W 84 St #212
Hialeah, FL
(305) 698-6828

Pepe Plus Driving School
1820 N Corporate Lakes Blvd #206
Weston, FL
(954) 349-8922

Car Washes in Hialeah, FL and Region:

5 Star Detailing
Weston, FL
(954) 826-5611

Cruisin' Green
429 Lakeview Dr
Weston, FL
(954) 336-9702

Shell Gas Station & Car Wash
14810 Griffin Rd
Davie, FL
(954) 252-0100

Mechanics in Weston, FL and Region:

Great Bear Automotive
1430 Northpark Dr
Weston, FL
(954) 389-4200

Meineke Car Care Center
2629 Weston Rd
Weston, FL

Body Shops in Weston, FL and Region:

Great Bear Automotive
1430 Northpark Dr
Weston, FL
(954) 389-4200

Auto Parts Network
2629 Weston Rd
Weston, FL
(800) 480-8994