After you sign the Contract.

What to expect after you seal the deal.

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Keep a copy of your financing contract (credit contract) or, in case of a lease, your lease agreement.

This copy must be signed and completely filled out. If they ask if they can mail it you later, just say no. The most prudent thing to do is to leave the dealership with copies of everything in hand

If you financed the vehicle, then the title of ownership of the vehicle will stay with whatever entity financed it. They hold it until the contract is paid in full

Make your payments on time. Late or missed payments can have serious consequences. Late fees, repossession, and negative entries on your credit report can make it more difficult to get credit in the future.

In case you experience Financial Problems:

In case you do come into some financial problems, contact your creditor right away. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE ALREADY MISSED A PAYMENT. This way you might be able to work out a deal with them, specially if you are able to show them that you will soon be paying them. Even if you are not sure of when you’ll be able to pay them, contact them right away anyways. See what type of deal you can arrange. And if you do arrange any deal, make sure you have that deal in writing.

Know your obligations. If you are late with your car payments or, in some states, if you do not have the required auto insurance, your car could be repossessed. Once repossessed, the entity receiving back the car might sell it, and if the car is sold for less than what you still owe, you could be responsible for paying the difference.

In some states, credit entities might repossess your car without going to court. I found some federal and state laws on the internet, and I have posted that information below just the way I found them. I’m not going to interpret them in my own words, just so that there’s no confusion.