Is it Time for a New Car?

When to know if you should buy new, buy used, or lease.

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Let’s be realistic: It would be great to be changing cars all the time. It is a dream shared by millions of us. It all comes down to whether you CAN be buying a new car every year or whenever.

It all starts with a simple “Can I do it?”. After that, it is a matter of calculating what you have available right now. That is, your savings. Next question would be “Should I use my savings on a car, whether it be new or old, financed or leased?”. Well, that depends on your personal needs. Some people like, and can afford, to change cars every years. While some like to keep it for quite a number of years, until they have paid off their vehicle.

Keeping a vehicle for a number of years until it is fully paid off, and then keeping it because, well, let’s face it, it’s one less bill to pay, can have its down size. That car might start costing more than you ever bargained for, due to numerous visits to the shop.

Going back now to your personal needs. Let’s say it’s time to change cars because of quite a number of reasons. One of those reasons can be because your family has “grown”. Then you must start thinking about taking into consideration quite a number of factors before choosing what deal to get:

  1. Your Financial Situation
  2. Personal preferences
  3. Your actual needs. E.g. size of car, etc
  4. Options for financing or leasing

Time for a new carMy advice is to consider any vehicle as a long-term investment. A few years at least.

As I wrote before, your financial situation is the key factor when wishing for a new car.

If you are able to save up enough money for a good used car or a down payment on a new  car or lease, you might be able to start thinking about a new vehicle. I wouldn’t suggest to someone that they can get a new car if they have “just enough” money to afford it. It is not safe.

You need at least $2,000 to $3,000 to make a confortable decision. There’s no set rule for this. The more money you save, the better off you are (obviously). In fact, the more money you save, the better you look when it comes to your credit score/rating. This will put you on a much better position when looking for a car loan or lease.

You might be able to use your current car as a trade in for a down payment on your new vehicle, and maybe even sell it yourself. This will depend on the current condition of your car. Although selling your car on your own will probably get you more money, it is also quite a headache. That is why so many people choose to use their cars as a trade in.

More things to consider

What you should be also considering when looking for, or thinking about, a purchase of a new or used car is what use it is going to have for you. Here’s the main “concern” behind this concept of giving some thought to what car better fits your needs: It might not look like it now, but getting a car that doesn’t fit your needs could become a problem later on, and might force you to purchase something else before the right time. If you have kids, for example, but you really want that sporty sedan, you might find yourself in a pickle. How much baggage can you fit on that sporty sedan?

Think about your needs and the available vehicles that might fit your situation. Also, you will need to ask yourself whether your existing vehicle is sufficient for your needs, and whether a newer one would be worth the cost and payments.

Leasing vs BuyingThere is no doubt that a car can become a big part of our lives. It is not only where a good chunk of our money go towards, but also we depend on them for so much. The more society evolves, the more we find ourselves wanting to be “out there”, participating on every day events. Yes, it is true that more and more we can do so many things from home. Even grocery shopping! However, you are not going to stay in week after week. Your kids need to get to school. Your dog swallowed some toothpaste and needs to be rushed to the vet. You need to be mobile! Nonetheless, you must think hard about your financial situation and whether you’ll be better off with that new vehicle. Think long term!

Going back to find a new car, according to other studies

“Some people break into a cold sweat at the thought of having to purchase a new car. Your head is full of questions like, "How much will I have to spend? Can I find a car that gets decent miles per gallon and still fit all of my kids inside?" Your stomach gets twisted into a nervous knot when you consider walking through the door of a car dealer.”