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Doral, Florida - City SealThe city of Doral, named “Doralzuela” by many (due to an enormous amount of Venezuelans residing in it) is located in the county of Miami-Dade, Florida. Known for its modern mix of suburban and industrial aspects, and also for its heavy airplane traffic above, Doral is a lovely city that just keeps growing more and more, currently holding a population of about 50,213 people.

The name comes from a combination of the names of Alfred and Doris Kaskel, its founders. Truly a place where English is pretty much a second language. The airplane traffic is due to the fact that the Miami International Airport is right outside of the city, 1 mile away to be exact. Most residents will tell you that the noise, after a while, is not even noticeable anymore. I guess you have to live there to believe it.

This is quite a new city, having been incorporated in June of 2003. It sits about 12 miles away from downtown Miami. You can get there by taking any number of roads including the Turnpike and the Palmetto. IF you are someone looking for a place to live that is both residential but holds plenty of options for wining and dining, then this is a place you might want to take a close look at. Especially if your native language is Spanish. Then you’re in luck. We all know that Miami, in general, is heavily occupied by Spanish speaking residents. However, the Doral takes the cake. There you will find a very large number of Shops, banks and businesses. Because of it being so close to the airport, you will find that many Companies prefer holding their offices and warehouses in the Doral.

In a short time, the city of Doral because extremely attractive to Fortune 500 companies, small family businesses and young families. Of course retirees find it very attractive as well.Doral Trump National Golf Championship

The famous Trump National Doral Miami keeps bringing tourists from all over the world. Not only it holds one of the main annual Golf Championships, but it is truly something to experience, even if you don’t play golf, and are just looking for a beautiful place to relax and enjoy world class dining.

If you are driving around the Miami-Dade County region, and looking for a place to shop, then you definitely want to keep Doral in mind. Two minutes west of the city, you will find the world-famous Dolphin Mall, with its 1.4 million square feet of pure retail shopping. If you are staying in Miami, you can just take the Palmetto west, or if you are coming from the Fort Lauderdale area, then you can take the I-95 south and take the Palmetto west. It is truly not that hard. Some might prefer the Dolphin Mall over the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida. And, if you are in fact in the Fort Lauderdale area, then you might as well choose to go to the Sawgrass Mall. It is an easier drive, considering the Palmetto is one of the worst roads to take pretty much anywhere you want to go. The traffic is insane, and the drivers are just as horrible. The city of Sunrise is only a short drive away once you take 595 west, from I-95.Doral, FL - Resort and Golf Course

The city of Doral started expanding the in the 1980s, and started attracting young families looking for a calm place to live outside of Miami. The traffic on the Dolphin Expressway wasn’t what it is now, and Doral truly blossomed during that time. Back then, the Doral was just a place to invest money on land. Once traffic at the Miami International Airport started growing, then well, the Doral grew along with it. What was once a place with cheap land and no commerce, grew to a lovely community. If you don’t mind the airplane noise, that is.

Doral’s Mission Statement:

“To serve our community by relentlessly pursuing the highest quality of life through the delivery of efficient, sustainable, transparent ethical and accountable government.”
Here’s an interesting fact about the Doral: it has a Trolley! It has been available to residents and visitors since 2008. There are three routes being served by five trolleys. This is truly a gem. Not only this is a free service provided by the city’s government, but also it connects to the rest of public transportation means, such as Miami’s Metrorail transport.

DMV and Tag Offices in Doral, FL:

Driver License Service Center
7795 W Flagler St #82c
Miami, FL
(305) 229-6333

Anicam Enterprises
1770 NW 96 Ave
Doral, FL
(305) 471-0428

West Flagler Auto Tag Agency
5747 NW 7th St
Miami, FL
(305) 264-2545

Driving Schools in around Doral, FL:

A Champion Driving and Traffic School
1375 NW 97th Ave
Doral, FL
(954) 742-7855

Driving School Metro
7500 NW 25th St # 119
Miami, FL
(305) 871-4400

International Racing School
6915 NW 42nd St
Miami, FL
(786) 859-6083

CDL Key Power Driving and Traffic School
3790 NW 11th St
Miami, FL
(305) 649-5344

Easy Method Driving School
4790 NW 7th St # 207
Miami, FL
(305) 633-0900

Metro Traffic School
7500 NW 25th St #119
Miami, FL
(305) 593-7077

Car Washes in and around Doral, FL:

My Premium Car Wash
Miami, FL
(786) 268-9274

City Car Cares
2800 NW 107th Ave
Doral, FL
(305) 717-2420

Doral Hand Car Wash
10191 NW 58th St
Doral, FL
(305) 403-5970

BP Gas Station & Car Wash
8200 NW 25th St
Miami, FL
(305) 591-1675

On-Site Car Wash
8111 NW 54th St
Doral, FL
(786) 470-6042

Chevron Gas Station & Car Wash
10690 NW 41st St
Miami, FL
(305) 639-2554

Mobile Gas Station & Car Wash
10895 NW 41st St
Doral, FL
(305) 715-9977

Auto Mechanics in and around Doral, FL

Affordable Auto Repair
8288 NW 64th St
Miami, FL
(305) 594-0034

Advanced Auto Diagnostics
2215 NW 97th Ave
Doral, FL
(305) 418-874

Valenz Auto Car, Inc.
7512 NW 55th St
Miami, FL
(305) 591-4170

Mad Motorsports
1353 NW 88th Ave
Doral, FL
(786) 360-2142

Fiorano Motorsports
8850 NW 13th Terrace #108
Doral, FL
(305) 482-0258

Golden Autoworks
9440 NW 13th St. Bay 59
Miami, FL
(786) 558-9145

Auto Body Shops in and around Doral, FL

Imperio Auto Body & Collision
10750 NW 23rd St
Miami, FL
(305) 513-4833

Auto Body Tech
8686 NW 68th St
Miami, FL
(305) 477-2207

Ultimate Collision Center
7135 NW 53rd Ter
Miami, FL
(305) 885-9571