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Is a deal too good to be true?

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You’re sometimes going to be faced with deals that seem amazing and too good to be true.

Sometimes they truly are a great deal, but some of these times there are reasons for such amazing deals.

Car dealerships are famous for the small type and fast talk in their advertising. Chances are that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

However, in certain cases, there may be a good reason for a deal too good to pass up:

One of the reasons can simply be: Overstock. A car dealership, or a car manufacturer, has a model that’s been sitting there and not selling as well as the other. They are then faced with an overstock that must go.

Another reason may be simple timing. Some dealerships place sales incentives and quotas on their sales staff. A salesman may be more prone to give in to your offer at the end of the month when he or she is trying to meet her numbers.

Be careful, because when it comes to reselling this specific car, you might face some difficulty. I have seen this happen. You buy a car on what you think is a great deal, therefore assuming you won’t lose too much money on it. Well, you can get lucky. But is it worth the risk?3