Sources of Financing.

Once you have calculated your budget for how much you CAN spend on a car,
THEN off you go looking for a Lender.

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Once you have calculated your budget for how much you CAN spend on a car, then off you go looking for a Lender. This loan can come from a variety of sources: Online lenders, banks, dealerships, credit unions, home equity, and even a friend or family.

You might choose a dealership. Sometimes people don't want to be bothered with looking for a loan outside of the dealership where they found a car they want. However, this might not be the best idea. Simply because you might be paying higher rates, not to mention a higher total loan amount.

Dealerships usually offer the highest interest rates in comparison to most competitive rates. Such loans are usually front loaded, so you wind up paying more interest up front. Not only that, but you must watch out for what else you'll be paying for. Don't go signing your loan agreement too fast. Read it carefully.

If you want go deeper in your search for other sources for your loan, then you might want to consider alternatives such as banks and credit unions. They might take a longer time to get the paperwork through, usually no more than a few days, but you will build a stronger relationship with that bank or union, which is something that can be helpful in the long run. Plus, you can get these guys competing for the best interest rates. They are very competitive between them, although your credit score will still be the biggest factor for a loan.

Both credit unions and banks will usually offer you a simple car loan, which can be followed by a small down payment. They can also help you decide which is the best market price for the car you have in mind, preventing you from making a bad decision.

Alternative auto financingAnother source for a loan can be a HOME EQUITY LOAN. Although there are tax advantages, you will have combined your car loan with your home, which can put you in a delicate financial situation.

There are plenty of LENDERS ONLINE, who can process a loan application in no time, while still being very efficient.

Allow some time for searching online for a car loan. Nowadays, with the internet being the powerful tool that it's become, people are mostly shopping for car loans from the comfort of their home. The competition between Lenders online is huge, and it gets bigger every year. So, why not give it a shot?

Thinking about getting a loan from a family member or friend? Don't forget to sign an agreement with that person. Mostly for your protection and theirs.