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Your options are:
Direct Lending or Dealership Financing.

Direct Lending

In direct lending, you get a car loan directly from a bank, finance company, or credit union. You agree to pay, over a period of time, the amount financed, and a finance charge. Once you sign a financing contract with a dealership to purchase a vehicle, you can use the car loan from the lender to pay for the car you chose.

An advantage of direct lending is that you can shop around for a car loan in several places. This can give you the opportunity to find something that you are not only comfortable with, but that also completely fills your financial needs. Also, in case you land a great car loan deal, you will already know your credit score, and therefore you will be better prepared before walking into a dealership.

Car Dealership FinancingDealership Financing

This is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory. You get your car loan from the dealership. The dealer, once aware of your financial situation, offers you a car loan that best fits your needs. Some dealerships might not fit your financial needs. Don’t be discouraged. Other dealerships, more eager for your business, might find a great car loan deal for you. Once you sign the contract, usually the dealership might choose to sell it to a financial institution.

You might choose to get a dealership financing for the simple fact that it is convenient. You have it all under one roof. Your car and your car loan lender. Plus, since the dealerships usually have multiple financial institutions fighting for exclusivity with them, then they will have multiple financing options that best fits your needs. Plus, they have plenty of manufacturer based incentives. When it comes down to your car loan, your credit rating will play an immense role. Learn about your credit report here, and it how it can impact your car financing.